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phil&teds smart lux rear wheel_default smart lux rear wheel PT-PSMLRWheel_ €29,00 EUR
phil&teds voyager 2015-2019 frame_default voyager front wheel PT-PVOYFW_V1 €94,99 EUR
phil&teds 12 inch rear wheel with hubcap_default 12" rear wheel with hub cap PT-PRWHEELHC_ €62,75 EUR
phil&teds 12 inch rear wheel_default 12" rear wheel for dash™ v2 and sport™ v1/2/5 PT-PRWheel_ €45,00 EUR
phil&teds vibe and verve external tyres_default SOLD
replacement tyre for vibe or verve or smart lux VtyreEX_ €29,99 EUR sold out
12" front wheel SOLD
12" front wheel PT-PFwheel12_ €45,00 EUR sold out