inline® buggies

stroll with 1 or 2 kids in tow with an original inline®! they're fabulous singles that grow with your fam’ to take 2, & adapt to your ever-changing needs!
4 Results
go™ 2020+ compact umbrella stroller colour palette gif more info go™ petite inline® go-buggy €199,99 EUR
phil&teds sport inline buggy in chilli red 3qtr view_chilli more info sport™ sporty inline® sport-buggy €499,99 EUR €589,98 EUR
philandteds inline modular inline buggy with seat in parent facing position 3qtr view_charcoal more info voyager™ uptown inline® voyager-buggy €529,99 EUR €619,98 EUR
phil&teds sport verso inline buggy parent facing up close toddler mode with sun hood extended halfway - 3/4 front view_butterscotch more info sport verso™ sporty&modular inline® sport-verso-buggy €529,99 EUR €619,98 EUR