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Ages&stages the milestones & activities you can do! 🤗

Ages&stages the milestones & activities you can do! 🤗

Do you know all the developmental stages that your lil one goes through, what they mean, and what you need to be aware of?
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I don't know if you're like me, but after having my baby, it was like, 'OMG, what now??!!' 😱 I was a bit obsessed. I'd spend hours just staring at my lil man, then thinking, 'Oh gosh, is he staring back?' I'd quickly move to see if he would follow me with his eyes... Phew, he's not blind! & to test his hearing, I would loudly clap near his ear - sadly this action sometimes made him cry, but that was the extent of my limited knowledge of developmental stages. 😟

✔️ Sight
✔️ Hearing

I know it all sounds a bit irrational, & now after reading it, embarrassingly simplistic but as a new parent, I was just so tired, living & surviving in the everyday routine of feeding, washing, cleaning, & burping - my continuous cycle of rinse and repeat.

I was unprepared for what happened after the birth. I didn't read about developmental stages. I wish I had been more aware of developmental stages, then I would've known how I could've helped my bub more.

So, in retrospect you always want others not to go through what you have & especially not make the mistakes that you've made. Not surprisingly, my sight & hearing tests are not part of developmental stages or even a legit or recommended test! 🤣

Since I don't want you to do as I have done & want YOU to be more knowledgeable at understanding what your kid should be doing at each age & stage, I've put together this guide that covers all the milestones & fun things to do with your lil one from when they're born to 3 years old! Now remember, this is ONLY a guide! Each kid is their own unique self so some may take a shorter or longer period of time, so you have to remember to refrain from over stressing if your child is a day out of doing what this guide says! Relax!

Newborn to 1 month:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Lifts head briefly when on stomach.
  • Moves arms and legs equally.
  • Grasps reflexively.


  • Engage in skin-to-skin contact and gentle cuddling.
  • Talk or sing softly to your baby to help them learn your voice.
  • Provide simple black and white or high-contrast toys for visual stimulation

1 to 3 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Smiles responsively.
  • Follows objects with eyes.
  • Attempts to hold head up when lying on stomach.
  • Begins to track objects with eyes.


  • Use a mirror to let your baby see their reflection and make faces together.
  • Place rattles or other toys within reach for them to grasp and explore.
  • Encourage tummy time by placing your baby on their stomach for short periods while you interact with them.

4 to 6 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Begins to roll over.
  • Sits with support.
  • Begins to babble and imitate sounds.
  • Reaches for and grabs objects.


  • Play games like peek-a-boo to encourage social interaction and develop object permanence.
  • Provide toys that make sounds or have different textures for sensory exploration.
  • Place toys slightly out of reach to encourage reaching and rolling.

7 to 9 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Sits without support.
  • Crawls or begins to crawl.
  • Responds to their name.
  • Begins to pull themselves up to stand.


  • Set up a safe space for your baby to explore, such as a playpen with toys.
  • Play games like "pat-a-cake" or "so big" to encourage motor skills and social interaction.
  • Offer soft blocks or stacking toys for your baby to manipulate and build with.

10 to 12 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Stands alone briefly.
  • Takes first independent steps.
  • Understands simple commands like "no" or "come here".
  • Begins to use gestures like waving or pointing.


  • Set up obstacle courses with cushions or pillows for your baby to crawl over.
  • Play simple imitation games, like clapping or waving, to encourage social and cognitive development.
  • Provide containers with lids for your baby to practice opening and closing.

12 to 18 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Walks independently
  • Begins to use simple words
  • Starts to feed themselves with fingers
  • Shows affection to familiar people


  • Have a dance party with upbeat music to encourage movement and coordination.
  • Encourage pretend play with simple props like dolls, toy food, or stuffed animals.
  • Play simple games like "Simon Says" to reinforce listening skills and following directions.

18 to 24 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Runs and climbs.
  • Begins to use two-word phrases.
  • Points to body parts when asked.
  • Shows some independence in activities like dressing or eating.


  • Create sensory bins with materials like rice, beans, or water for your child to explore with their hands.
  • Read simple picture books together and ask questions about the story or pictures.
  • Play simple sorting games with objects like blocks or colored shapes.

24 to 36 months:

Developmental Milestones:

  • Jumps in place
  • Speaks in short sentences
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Begins to show interest in playing with other children


  • Set up a scavenger hunt around the house for your child to find objects based on simple clues.
  • Engage in pretend play scenarios, like playing house or pretending to be animals.
  • Encourage outdoor play with activities like kicking a ball, playing in a sandbox, or going for nature walks.

Getting into these activities isn't just about helping your kid's brain, body & feelings grow strong - it's also about building an epic bond with them! & as I said earlier, just keep in mind, every kiddo hits these milestones in their own time, so stay chill and be there to cheer them on every step of the way! If you are however, concerned do chat to your Dr or healthcare to check in!

I will leave you with this Matthew Jacobson quote (my addition to the quote in brackets!) 😊

"Behind every young child who believes in himself (or herself!) is a parent who believed first. ”😘

"(& a huge thank you cos all those stunning pics!! They're all about Zuri, the bubs of the fab mama Kelly, my colleague. Zuri's got this unshakeable self-belief, all thanks to Kelly's super parenting skills. 🤩)"

Sofia 🩷

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